Who buys pecans?

Pecan prices vary during the season. Pecan meat can be used in a variety of ways. Fresh pecans have a slight buttery flavor and are an extremely healthy snack on their own or can be added to meals. Fresh pecans are said to have the highest antioxidant content of all nuts (NPSA, 202).

Shelled pecans are often further processed. Bakers and confectioners are the biggest buyers of shelled pecans and use pecans in cakes, pies, pralines and brittle. Farmers shelling their own pecans could add value by selling them to local bakeries and restaurants (NMSU — Cooperative Extension, 201. There are a large number of companies that sell pecans. Some are local shelling and cracking companies that buy pecans from local people and then sell them as pecans in bulk or more at the retail level.

They can even use the walnuts to make pecan gift baskets, which consist of chocolate-covered pecans, roasted pecans, and praline pecans. Then there are large operations that harvest pecans from huge groves. They process walnuts, crack them, peel and clean them. The pecans are then packaged and solidified in retail stores or sold as wholesale pecans to other companies that will use them in their products.

Going back to these “pecan buyers,” we like to refer to them as accumulators. They travel the south accumulating pecans from these small shopping stations in feed stores, convenience stores and sawmills and sell the pecans to shellers. Shellers are the processors that actually break and peel pecans sold to grocery stores, commercial bakeries, school and church fundraisers, the foodservice industry, or the package industry Like almost any other product, many hands touch the product before it ends up in the hand or mouth of the consumer, let's say. As a wholesale pecan accumulator, W, G.

Hamil buys quality nuts from farmers throughout the southeastern United States. Greg Hamil, owner and buyer, together with John Marbury and Michael Hamil work to provide quality nuts for domestic and international markets. Pecans are available for shipping from early to mid-October through February. During this time, wholesale in-shell walnuts are inspected, processed and bagged for shipment.

Premium pecans are available for shipment to packers and markets in 50-pound bags and bulk super sacks. In addition, smaller quantities of pecans can be purchased throughout the year in our Southern Treats gift shop or our online gift shop. Hamil also has a shopping station in Dothan, Alabama. Our Dothan location has served the area for more than a decade.

Dun & Bradstreet Red Book (Entrepreneur Award) Blue Book National Pecan Shellers Association Georgia Pecan Growers Association Southeast Pecan Growers Association. It's a kind reminder that pecan season is here when you start to see the “We Buy Pecans” signs in front of many local businesses here in the Deep South.

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