How long do packaged pecans last?

Refrigerate in sealed plastic bags to prevent them from absorbing odors from other foods. The pecans in the shell will be fresh for 9-12 months. With their high amount of plant-based oil, pecans also last longer at lower temperatures, preventing fats from spoiling. If properly stored, shelled pecans can last up to six months, while shelled or shelled pecans can last up to nine to 12 months.

Try to save some refrigerator space for pecans, as both shelled and shelled varieties last longer and retain more of their flavor when stored in a cold environment. At home, walnut kernels can be stored in the refrigerator in a covered glass jar or in plastic bags. Shelled pecans can be stored at room temperature for a short period of time. Keep in the refrigerator, if desired, to keep it for more than 4 months.

If pecans need to be stored for more than a year, whether shelled, cracked, or shelled, they should be placed in the freezer. Humidity above these values can cause grain mold and deterioration of nut texture (pecans become soft and rubber-like), while lower humidity will cause overdrying. If you intend to freeze or refrigerate pecans, try to store them away from open shelves or lights, such as in a tray for vegetables. Be sure to put pecans in an airtight container, either in a cold and dry pantry, in a refrigerator, or in a freezer.

While the date printed on the package is simply the manufacturer's estimate of how long the walnuts will last, it's a good guide for those who have trouble spotting spoiled pecans or don't know how long to keep them. Once the pecans are boiled and cooled, use a nutcracker or other tool to open the nuts safely. For vacuum-packed or gas-packed pecans, or those stored under freezing conditions, relative humidity control is not necessary. Fresh pecans will look thick and full with a shiny coating and similar color across all nuts, so any nut lacking these characteristics is less fresh.

But how long do pecans last? The shelf life of pecans varies depending on whether they are shelled or not and where and how you store them. It's not understood why this happens, but if you're looking to store pecans for the long term and buy shelled pecans, you should focus on freezing them instead of refrigerating them, as they last much longer that way. Artificial drying or forced air drying is now used for pecans, which significantly speeds up the process and eliminates molding problems. You can easily get a few years out of pecans as long as you store them properly in a cold, dark, dry environment where they don't go rancid.

Support and promote the interests of pecan shellers and the global industry to ensure the quality, safety and integrity of walnut products worldwide. Walnut shells protect nuts quite well, which generally allows them to last quite a long time without refrigeration. If you've consumed a bag of pecans for too long and decided to use it in a recipe, try one before using the walnuts. Pecans are a great option for a healthy snack, but they can be expensive, so getting the most out of them is essential.

Roasting pecans can shorten their shelf life, but roasted pecans more than make up for it in convenience and flavor.

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