Is there a pecan shortage?

Pecan inventory reports show industry players talking about a potential shortage for the summer if demand continues to increase in the coming months. Current demand for pecans has fallen slightly from last season's record year, but remains comparable to previous years. As an alternative to returning the survey by mail and to help save time and money, producers will have the option to respond to the survey securely online. A NASS representative will contact producers who have not responded by September 29 for a telephone interview.

Florida Citrus Maturity Test Results New Clemson App Helps Grain Producers Manage Content With droughts in Western production areas and production pause in the eastern United States, this season's harvest may fall a little short, as demand number of pecans has been increasing for several years. With droughts playing an important role in many western states, as well as strong winds that caused damage to terminals in previous years, and the expected pause in production in the east, the pecan harvest in North America may be scarce among buyers this season. With China re-entering the market and producers shipping more pecans to China and South Korea, on-farm walnut prices have been holding up well. Growers should prepare for a drop in volume next year, which is expected with pecan trees as alternative production plants.

I'll have a more detailed explanation of this in the next issue of Pecan Grower magazine, but basically, solar radiation declined throughout the growing season. Because walnut trees are alternately produced, if the trees produce a good harvest one year, they are less likely to produce a similar result the following year. Water rights have played an important role in northern Mexico's pecan production and smaller producers have seen water cut off virtually during this season's nut filling stages. According to UGA Extension, Georgia is the country's largest supplier of pecans, accounting for approximately one-third of the U.

The data collected from this survey will help establish estimates of pecan production and area in both the state and the U. Wells estimates that this year's Georgia nut harvest will generate between 120 million and 125 million pounds. The walnut harvest in West Texas appears to be of good quality and fair yielding, but just south of the border in Delicias, growers report a significantly reduced harvest. Starting in the eastern United States, growers began agitating and harvesting their early pecan varieties, bringing them to market as quickly as possible.

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