Bulk pecans in shell?

Our nuts are sold in bulk, by the kilo. All orders ship within 24 hours each business day (M-F). The desirable pecan certainly lives up to its name. These large, giant walnuts, which set the standard for quality throughout the Southeast, are one of Georgia's most popular pecans.

The thin, easy-break shell makes these pecans a crowd-pleaser and a customer favorite. We invite you to savor the strong flavor of our best-selling nut in shell. Over the past few centuries, pecans have become synonymous with South American cuisine and pastries. Although grape nuts aren't made with grapes or walnuts, they do have a nutty flavor and when Post saw the huge cluster of 75 pecans, he pointed out that it sure looked like a bunch of grapes.

Argires Snacks bulk pecans in shell are for those who love to enjoy fresh snacks and tasty treats loaded with healthy ingredients. Of course, no matter what type of in-shell Georgia nut you buy from us, you're going to love every bite. You'll know a Paper Shell nut as soon as you start opening it because you'll access its meaty content with relatively minimal effort. In fact, pecans continue to grow in popularity as people discover how nutrient-packed pecans are compared to other nut varieties.

Pecans are a major source of antioxidants and are packed with vitamin A (for the skin), folic acid, calcium (for bones), iron, phosphorus, several B vitamins and vitamin E (help protect against cancer). There is something rewarding about the process of opening nature's containers and enjoying the results of your efforts, a fresh nut from Pearson Farm. One of the founding fathers of the pecan industry, Schley's nut has a heritage as rich and deep as Georgia's soil. After peeling the fresh pecans, the pecan halves and walnut pieces will be ready for your pecan pie recipe or roasted nut recipes.

Rich, buttery and perfectly small, this nut has been revered by chefs and foodies across the Southeast.

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